Video Work

Eric's video portfolio playlist can be found here:

Video work history//
  • 2008 Eric entered into Machinima's Director Program, producing gaming content for the network. Since then, he has created several animations, machinimas, live action works, gameplay, reviews, and more, gaining over 2 million+ views across his videos collectively. 
  • 2012 saw the launch of his own animated webseries, Super Apartment Bros. The series ran for 12 episodes with an international team and a Kickstarter campaign behind its production.
  • 2013 saw him moved to the Machinima Partner Program, working to promote and share new releases with the network.
  • 2015 he also joined the Frederator Leaderboard network with the launch of his Toad King Studios channel.


Determined in his drive and creative in his solutions, Eric pushes his work to new heights and tackles challenges laid before him. From coordinating gamers over Xbox live, to hiring international freelance artists to make an original series, every experience is a new opportunity to learn from. Not afraid to buckle down and get things done, every project, very video, very scene gets careful consideration with a full blast of passion to make it shine.

If you want someone who knows gaming, has a healthy sense of humor, and can put all of that behind the production of a unique and engaging series, look no further.