Sunday, January 8, 2017

Stranger Things Fan Shirt Design

Late in 2016 I was approached about drawing a parody mash-up for a fun design mixing Stranger Things with Abbey Road (Stranger Roads?) and the final work is up online now!

The original pitch was for the four main kids to be walking down a train track, referencing the scene where they are trying to use a compass to locate the portal distortion. The final production of that design can be seen to the right.

Playing around with the design some more though, we wanted to incorporate more of the woods and background. After a few attempts, we came to the design featured below with the mirrored woods referencing the Upside-down.

Poor Will is there by himself (or is he?) while his 3 friends and their new crazy friend are often to try to find him.

Both designs, free of watermarks, are available online here!

Keep and eye out for more awesome and fun designs in 2017 as I launch my own designs as well!