Sunday, December 4, 2016

Twitter Highlights I Didn't Ask For

Sooooooo, why are so many social media platforms just really terrible at their notifications and highlights? I'm having issues on several, just trying to sort through the mass of junk, repeated notifications, and them putting other pages above the pages I actually want to see stuff from.

I recently set up a new twitter account, and I subscribed to 10 accounts, got 4 followers. 0 tweets, 0 likes, 0 posts on my part. In short it's all dog themed, dog accounts, etc.

Well cut to the gmail account connected to the twitter account. It gets email updated weekly on "highlights" which start off with a person or two the account followed but then quickly devolve into random accounts I can't figure out how they are connected in any way shape or form.

So big slow clap for Twitter sending me a "highlights" weekly email where the first "highlight" is someone I follow and the second "highlight" is a porn star bending over backwards naked. :l Really should have expected that a twitter account about dogs, following other dog accounts and having posted, clicked on, or otherwise interacted with ZERO other accounts would be begging for new porn accounts to follow. Yup. Foolish me.

Thanks for being really useless Twitter. Not sure what I'm even doing anymore with my accounts, but you're helping me get tired of all this rubbish real fast Twitter.