Sunday, November 20, 2016

Other Americans, Let's Talk It Out

" Today I'm launching
I think talking to people on the other side of politics (whatever that might mean for you) is going to be very important for all of us going forward. I reject the portrayal of conservatives and liberals in partisan media and want to begin painting a more accurate picture of who we are.
If you're ready to talk to someone from the other side one-on-one via e-mail, please click the link and sign up and you'll get a pen pal (details are on the site). I would also appreciate you sharing this if you want to do that.
This isn't going to solve everything and make our country feel better. In fact, these conversations could become very difficult, but it's a start and something I believe we very much need to confront.
#OtherAmericans "

A new project trying to bridge the gap between sides here in America. Please consider signing up if you want to help shape the future vote of your fellow Americans in a constructive and eye-opening manner.