Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Go Ahead And Ride The D With Dr. Seeds

You might not have heard of it before now, but "Riding The D With Dr.Seeds" is a strange and funny, strangely funny, comedy webseries currently online right now.

And the good doctor needs your support! But first, some introductions!

From the insane mind of Sarah Seeds (Creator), brought to you by Edge In MotionInfiniti FeaturesSarah Seeds Productions and Directed by Michelle Cutolo, comes an unhinged comedy webseries: "Riding the D with Dr. Seeds." The story takes you into the life of Dr. Seeds, a non-licensed psychiatrist, dropping her knowledge on the D Train...whether people want her help or not. The Pilot will be broken down into 5 individual episodes, and each will explore Dr. Seeds’ past, present (and future?).
How did Dr. Seeds descend into her subway madness? Does she ever actually help any of these people? Did she at one time have a license to practice? Learn about Dr. Seeds’ turbulent history, how she hired her assistant, the Man in the Yellow Hat, her dramatic fall from grace, and even her constant struggle with her arch nemesis, Tabitha M.D.!
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You can help Sarah Seeds and the rest of the crew make more strangely funny (strunngy?) videos and work by checking out their Kickstarter project here:

Dr. Seeds is pulling up in the subway and you don't want to miss your train!