Sunday, August 28, 2016

Do you suffer from an addiction to puppies?

Do you suffer from an addiction to puppies? Do you have to stop and pet every dog you see? Does your voice default to squeaky baby talk whenever you see a medium-to-toy canine breed?
You may have Crippling Adorable Puppy Petting Syndrome. (CAPPS for short) This life alternating disease often goes untreated despite clear symptoms. An uncontrollable compulsion to stop everything and pet a puppy can greatly disrupt otherwise normal and healthy adult lives.
Talk to your Dogtor today about your crippling puppy addiction and what you can do to treat it!

Treatments may include, adopting a puppy, becoming a dog walker, subscribing to a puppy blog, watching daily puppy videos on YouTube, buying puppy calendars yearly, dating someone with a cute puppy, going to social events to befriend the host's dog, wearing lots of dog themed clothing, crying at the thought of homeless dogs, and volunteering at your local animal shelter!