Saturday, August 20, 2016

Consider Your Words To An Artist

Be considerate of what you say to people, especially young artists.
There's a lot of negative thoughts, depressing realities, and generally discouraging messages that already exist out there. You might mean well, you might think you're helping, or maybe you plain don't believe in something will work out. But keep it to yourself. For every one comment you make, the person probably has an iceberg worth of self doubt already festering and buzzing around their head.
It's hard to do big things, important things, things that matter over the daily noise of life. That's not to say never give a critique, never say something critical, or that you have to baby someone, but just, be aware of how your words may impact them in a more detrimental way.
I grew up drawing all the time. From my many hours my skill grew, my technique developed. As I got older though and started looking at what I was to do in the world, I started hearing more negative things. That illustration was not an easy field, that comics were on the out, that only the elite few made a living with their art. I took this to heart and settled on a more practical creative field like Graphic Design. Slowly I moved away from drawing, from sketching. I learned other programs, went into other fields, drew less and less with each passing year. Now I don't draw very much.
Maybe I would have been frustrated as an illustration major looking for work. Maybe I'd be running my own webcomic big time. Maybe I should have shouldered through those comments. Maybe I'm better off doing videos and producing content. I'll never know. That's a different life, a different path I could have gone but didn't.
But you'll also never know. So watch your words and watch your intentions.
"Maybe this is just a hobby."
"There are more practical ways to make money."
"It takes a long time for anything to happen, if it happens."
"How about focusing on other things right now?"
Those might be the straw that breaks their drive's back. You might be that important of a person to them they ignore their own dreams and instincts. They might be that much less likely to share their achievements and accomplishments in the future.
So, be careful what you say.