Monday, April 18, 2016

"Fighting the Battle of Who Could Care Less" by Molly Muldoon

This week as I catch up on my blog postings I wanted to share a post by someone I follow online. Molly touches on something that seems to be on the rise on the internet, if not just the world in general. The race to hate on something first. Battling to declare your hatred of someone else's fun. From seemingly harmless to full on harassment and attacking, people seem to be unwilling to let something go if they don't deem it enjoyable, fun, or cool.

Enough from me though, read in on Molly's post below and be sure to follow her online as I do!
From Molly Muldoon, @passingfair on Twitter and Tumblr.
You know how sometimes you notice something once and then all of the sudden its everywhere? The other night, when the promotional tweet about choosing Team Cap or Team Iron Man was going around, I took part because I have deep, undying love of Captain America and thought it was a cute idea. Later that night, I was scrolling through my twitter and saw someone had retweeted ‘teamcapitalism’ as a snarky aside and it bummed me out. Why couldn’t people just let other people enjoy things?  
As such things go, it spiraled. A girl on one of my tv forums who ran a thread on a show I liked replied with something to the effect of 'why do you guys like this show? I know I run this but it’s seriously so boring and predictable. How are you still watching this?’ I was listening to a podcast I really like and the two dudes talking went on an off topic rant about how people who read and write fanfiction should step away from the computer and 'experience life.’ Another podcast talked about how much they hated X Men: First Class because it looked stupid and had hot young guys in it. 
This is nothing new but was a lot to notice in under 24 hours and it rubs me so much the wrong way. There is nothing wrong with people enjoying something that you, personally, do not enjoy. There are plenty of things that I don’t like that I can completely either ignore or say to each their own. People have different tastes and that’s a good thing. 
Of course, this isn’t to say that you can criticize things for good reasons. I will rant about the creepy, grooming-esque vibe of Time Traveler’s Wife til the end of days. Acknowledging the abusive relationship problems in Twilight and 50 Shades is important. Nothing is perfect and it’s okay to point out the problems, especially if other people don’t understand systemic problems in entertainment.  
But if you just want to make people feel bad about liking things you don’t, that’s so not cool. I go outside and enjoy my life, travel all over the world, and come home and read fanfiction. In fact, in college, I won a few online awards for my fanfiction and now, I have a book coming out and a story in an anthology. You can do both. 
It doesn’t make you 'cool’ to dislike popular things. That’s a phase you go through in your teens and hopefully grow out of. Putting people down, complaining about things and such may seem exciting at the time but ultimately, you’re not enjoying things. Let go. Let the fun in. And if you can’t, let other people enjoy things. Their joy is not your problem.
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