Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Youtube Space Bootcamp Feb 2016

Just a few weeks ago now I had the pleasure of attending a boot camp for Youtube channels at the Youtube Space New York! It was 5 evenings, covering 5 topics, with 20+ other Youtubers and rotating speakers each night.

We touched upon the 10 fundamentals of a creative strategy, growing your audience, making money with Youtube, producing great videos on a budget, and the 7 best practices of collaborating. Largely the speakers would give a slideshow and go over their topics, though some evenings we had more discussion as well as more hands on exercises. Such as working on a budget, we played around with lighting and setting up a good scene for a vlog.

When everything was said and done all attending Youtubers who had gone to all 5 classes were given a small award and certificate both in real life and on their channel. I powered through the course and made it to every session that week. Didn't want to miss a thing so I ran when the trains were late, finished work as early as possible, and always sat up front!

Since the course, I've had the chance to attend a few more Youtube space events and have found them to be both fun and great for connecting with other Youtubers. The energy that was present in the course from just being in a room full of creative people is only amplified when they are mingling and bouncing ideas off each other more freely. Every night I came home more energized, excited, pumped to get working on my projects.

After struggling in the beginning of the year, facing setbacks and redirection, it felt great to be in a constructive environment to learn and connect with others. I am very hopeful that with what I've learn from the course and the fellow creators I've met that there are great things ahead! Can't wait to see what all these creative people do!

 Picture from Outlicioustv

More on my experience, and what I took away, from the course next week! Connect with me on Twitter here: @EricJStover