Monday, March 14, 2016

Beautiful Women on a Train, Feb 19th 2015

A poem I commissioned a man with a typewriter in the subway at Union Square on Feb 19th, 2015. Realized I never got to sharing it anywhere, but I am not one to hoard such small treasures for myself. Here is "Beautiful Women on a Train" as it is typed on the sheet of paper before me:

"Silence amongst a muse

or a siren

I think to give cause aid

But am lost to thought most days

Most gaze end at a stop

And for all I wish to communicate

my confidence of late

Falls short of troubadour

as security

ask for more

But the opening day

Is nagging me

With taunts of time

and I have watched so many days

I feel I know you amongst the many

But too many make me think

I'd waste ones time

Lynn Gentry
Beautiful Women on a Train
Union Sq.
February 19, 2015"

New York has so many amazing things happening all the time, you practically trip over artists and creative projects coming and going in the subway. It's energizing at times, overwhelming at others, but it's the ebb and flow of the city and the many people who live here.