Sunday, February 28, 2016

Real Vigilante Story

So Spiderman is our good guy, our title character, our super hero. We see him as Peter Parker, we watch him fight Doc Ock. His thoughts we read, his struggles we know, his motivation is spelled out for us time and time again.
Then Jonah Jameson is all uppity and and uses the Daily Bugle to question what side Spiderman is on, to paint him as the bad guy, etc. The police question him, try to bring him in from time to time, even shoot at him. They try to call him a vigilante but we all know he's on the side of angels. The problem is it doesn't sell.
As the reader, we know Spiderman is a good guy. We know what he's doing, where he's coming from, what side he's really on. Jonah looks like a jerk, the police look trigger happy, anyone else a confused idiot or doesn't seem to have a good reason for hating on Spiderman. Well, besides the bad guys he locks away.
Anyone please feel free to point me in the direction of an already existing series or story like this, but what if we as the reader didn't know which side Spiderman was on? We know Spiderman's motivation, we know he doesn't rob banks, we know he doesn't try to get anyone killed. We see everything as the reader, maybe we see too much.
Could a story be told about a more real vigilante and how scary that would be if you didn't really know what their ethics were? If all you caught was the end of a fight? Beaten up guys tied up outside of banks, sightings of a masked web slinger around scenes of destruction, conflicting reports of who fired first and what Spiderman really did? Would we actually give Jonah some credit? Would we listen to that side that questions our heroes? What if the hero wasn't really the hero we though they were all along?