Sunday, February 21, 2016

Channel Update For Toad King Studios FEB 2016

Over on my new Youtube channel, Toad King Studios, I'm currently changing things up in the new year. This channel marks a new and focused effort on my part to produce more regular video content on a consistent basis. After taking a week long course at the Youtube Space here in New York, I have a better feel for what I want to be doing, what I need to do, and how to do it. The week of the course I made my first channel update video, which you can watch here:

A straight forward enough update, I am going to be incorporating more of my face and voice into future videos. For one thing, my brand should be focused on me and what I bring to the table. I hope to discuss good game design in video games, social issues and geek lifestyle topics important to me, as well as more live action interviews and skits. Secondly, content like this is quicker and more efficient to make on a monthly and weekly scheduled compared to my longer content such as the Halo Weapon Test videos:

As well as the animations I'm working on in between:

Moving forward I will he releasing videos on a weekly schedule, aiming for Tuesday uploads, with various side content uploaded between when completed. The Halo weapon test has been the launching series on my channel, though comedy videos are more where I'd like to go with things. Currently I am developing a new series, Steam Review Theatre, that I am most excited about releasing in 2016. Keep and eye on what's to come and connect with Toad King Studios on Instagram for behind the scenes sneak peeks!