Sunday, February 14, 2016

2 Years and 7 Episodes, the Foundation After Midnight Radio Podcast

Just over 2 years ago now (Feb 6th, 2014) I started a podcast based off the SCP Foundation wiki and inspired by Welcome to Night Vale. It stars DJ Scip (voiced by Kyle Stover) and is set as a radio broadcast from within the secret organization known as the Foundation. The episodes cover news and announcements in the universe for Foundation personnel and has an upbeat, if dry sense of humor.

These are the various title cards used for the 7 currently posted episodes online. Their lengths range from 13:40 to 40:41, with the average being 22:69

You can find the episodes on Youtube here with bonus hidden visual content in some.

We have over 1 hour of listening content up for free, released under a Creative Comments Attribute and Share Alike license.

We have a growing fan base on Facebook we like to keep updated on our production.

I invite you to check out our podcast as well as the SCP Foundation wiki as well. It's a great, strange, creepy, loving, horror filled, creative writing community! WARNING: It's a lot like TV Tropes in that you may get lost clicking through tale after tale and lose track of time.

DJ Scip is even setting up his own Tumblr page to better chat with the SCP community in its many different community groups online! Feel free to send him an ask over there! He gets bored between broadcasts.

While we wish we could upload more episodes more frequently, currently we are just proud of how long we have been doing this podcast and we do not have plans on stopping. More episodes with more guest voices to come! Currently working on launching a "season 2" and doing a new story arc of sorts. Stay tuned for more Foundation After Midnight Radio!