Sunday, January 31, 2016

My 2015 Reads


  1. "YOU are a BADASS"This book is about being a better you, with a focus on getting into the head space to do the awesome things you want to do! Picked this up at random in Barnes and Noble after my break up in Oct and it really resonated with me. Some chapters are more about yourself, your relationships with others, while some chapters focus on getting work done and accepting yourself and your work style.
  2. "American Political Speeches"Bought for a friend but wanted to make sure I had read it before I gave it to him. I had thought of him when I first saw it but wasn't entirely sure if he'd really enjoy it as much as I thought he might. Lot of great speeches and historical notes. Was saddened though to see some issues addressed in speeches from decades ago are still major issues in America today.
  3. "Coffee with Jesus" I enjoyed the webcomic greatly and got a physical book with an Amazon birthday gift card. Both snarky and humorous, while still thought provoking and meaningful.
  4. "Juggling Elephants"Loan to me by a friend, this helped me think about the areas of my life that have been out of balance. I am often taking on too much at once and this helped get me thinking of how and what I can do to get a better handle on the problem.
  5. "The Freelancer's Bible"This was a big one for me to get through as I tried to digest everything that was brought up. A lot of information for freelancing and one book that I will likely be picking through time and time again over the new year.
  6. "Roadside Picnic"An excellent though shorter read about the gritty concept of aliens visiting earth and leaving their junk here without contacting humanity in the slightest. Super advanced technology is lift in the hands of humans with no instructions and little direct usefulness. Would recommend if you like scifi and such!