Saturday, November 14, 2015

There’s a post going around like this:

There’s a post going around like this:
“versace-g0ldIMPORTANT!!!PLEASE READ:I don’t care if this ruins your blog and doesn’t fit with the theme. YOU HAVE TO REBLOG THIS; you could save a life, and that this moment, it’s really important that you do that.It is said to be that ISIS have announced that their next targets are ROME,WASHINGTON  and LONDON. If you’re in ANY major city, PLEASE leave get your loved ones out. The cities are no longer safe, the world is broken and I can’t stress how important this is. YOU NEED TO LEAVE ANY MAJOR CITY NOW. If you can’t PLEASE, stay in your homes, stay inside where it’s safe. I am begging you, please stay safe.MAJOR CITIES:Tokyo, Japan
New York, USA Sao Paulo, Brazil
Mexico City, Mexico
Manila, Philippines”
…and it goes on to list about every other major city in the world. Please do not reblog this, do not share it. At best you are spreading fear and making people feel unsafe when they need to stand tall and unite. The world is a dangerous place, but spreading misinformation like this does not help. Terrorist groups spread fear, it helps their causes, it leads to more chaos. It’s a bit cliched, but letting fear rule our lives is letting the terrorists when.
We do not know when more attacks may come, or where, if at all. Trying to run from major cities will not help the situation. Panicking as if the world was broken and all was lost is dangerous and foolish. We mourn. We rebuild. We recover. We stand tall. We prove we are better than them, better than their tactics.
Help those in other countries as you can. Support those who make a difference. Be prepared to be called upon, to aid those in need when their time of need comes. We will not be brought low by these attacks and the fear they are trying to spread.
The original post was on tumblr, made by a user who has since deleted their account. It was made after a tweet by someone or a conspiracy site. Either way, it was not credible. Please search before you share.