Tuesday, October 20, 2015

No One Committed Suicide Over Star Wars And Other Lies That Trended On Twitter

So if you haven't already heard about it #boycottStarWarsVII is trending or was trending on Twitter and Facebook and probably elsewhere online. Supposedly some sad sack felt angry that the new Star Wars movie was starring a black male lead and a white female lead, with white males as side characters. Or something.

Yeah, it sounds fairly insane and extremely petty, not to mention down right sexist and racist. Also, if you agreed with my describing the boycott like that, you weren't along. In fact, almost the entirety of the people posting, tweeting, retweeting, and talking about the hashtag are in agreeance. If you search the hashtag, you'll be hard pressed to actually find anyone seriously considering boycotting the movie for any reason. Tweets sporting the hashtag can be separated into those outraged that some white guy can't handle non white actors in his Star Wars and those who are making jokes because it's so bad.

So no, #BoycottStarWarsVII is not trending because it's a serious thing. There is no epidemic of enraged white guys who are plotting to avoid the movie. At worst there are a handful of racist and a lot of people calling them out on it. More likely than not though, it was a hoax, a trolling, something to get everyone crying out in rage over this nonissue. 99.99% of us are looking forward to the new movie and welcome the new cast with open arms.

And on a quick closing not, Snopes.com tells me that no, a man did not kill himself over the new movie's black character, that was a lie started by a site that posts fake news all the time.