Sunday, August 16, 2015

Quick Thought On Body Counts In Stories

"When a character dies in a story, unless the character has had his personal story expressed some way in the drawing of his face, body and attire, the reader will not care; your reader won’t have any emotional connection.
Your publisher might say, “Your story has no value; there’s only one dead guy — I need twenty or thirty dead guys for this to work.” But that is not true; if the reader feels the dead guy or wounded guys or hurt guys or whomever you have in trouble have a real personality resulting from your own deep studies of human nature — with an artist’s capacity for such observation — emotions will surge."
-Jean Giraud, aka Moebius

*looks over at all the movies, games, books, etc. where the body counts are extremely high but as a viewer I couldn't care less about each death* >_>

"KILL MORE RANDOM PEOPLE!" does not actually make me connect with them anymore. In fact it's the opposite most of the time. Once your body count hits a certain number, I just am disgusted with how little a human life seems to matter and start losing any interest in the main protagonist who is clearly never going to get hurt as hundreds die around them.