Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Spider-Nam Cosplay 2014/15

So for one, I am not dead, but very much alive and well in New York City. A lot has been up in the air and a lot has been happening this last year. More on all of that later, as for now I just want to make a simple post and share something I worked on in 2014 for fun.

Enter, Spider-Nam. Originally by James Stokoe in a short comic experiment where he placed Spider-man back in the Vietnam War, the second I saw this character I was inspired to try to bring it to life! Luckily for me I had my old Spider-Man gear, so the main focus was getting my army gear in shape in time for the New York Comic Con 2014!

With a few details still left to tie up, I made the costume and had a blast at the con! Since then I've had a chance to wear it out a few more times for some fun photo shoots and parties here in NYC! Below are just a few favorite pics from some very talented photographers who were nice enough to take a photo of little old me in my Spider-Man get up!

If you or anyone else grabbed a picture of me, or just saw me wearing this out, feel free to connect with me at @EricJStover on Twitter!