Sunday, August 3, 2014

20 Tips For Attending New York Comic Con

Artist, cosplayer, attendee, photographer, these tips can benefit anybody going to a convention and in turn benefit everyone who goes!

  1. "Bring a water bottle! You'll be on your feet all day and doing a lot of walking." 
    1. "Forget a Water Bottle Wear a Camelbak (Mil Spec if you can find it, part of a the HAWG backpack even better)"
  2. "Comfortable shoes, it is not uncommon to clock 6 miles of walking a day"
  3. "If you go in cosplay, change out of your costume before doing any browse shopping. It'll save you the trouble of getting stopped every 5 feet for a picture."
    1. "Don't be a creep! Respect cosplayers and artists and don't overstep your bounds. Be polite and courteous."
  4. "Eat before you go. Bring a snack too. But don't walk and eat-- that's kinda gross and kinda weird."
    1. "Carry Trail Mix"
  5. "There is a McDonalds very close to the Javitz, the line usually sucks during the convention but the prices are way more feasible than inside the Javitz Center itself. If you feel more adventurous you can find tons of food within a couple blocks."
    1. "There's a bunch of dollar pizza places within walking distance of the javits center too."
    2. "The Greek Place in the Javits is the only place worth your time, otherwise walkout to 34th for food"
    3. "I tend to hit the Skylight Diner before I go to the con - it's right on the way if you're coming from Penn Station. Typical diner fare, haven't had a bad meal there."
    4. "If you're from out of town, and want to go eat before or after NYCC, Yelp restaurants and sort by price. Don't get trapped in Times Square with all their overpriced menus for the tourists."
  6. "Vitamins take something that has B-Complex, C and Zinc to Boost Immune System (I take Nature made Stress B Complex)"
  7. "Bring deodorant!"
  8. "Spare battery/external battery would be useful too. First year of CC I was stuck by a wall for an hour or so just charging my phone for when my friends drop by." 
    1. "If you have a phone that has user replaceable batteries carry spare charged batteries, If not get a few External Batteries"
  9. "Plan your weekend. Prioritize panels and plan for if you won't get into them."
    1. "Prioritize what you want to do. I typically dedicate one day to line waiting. Another day is strictly walking and seeing what the Convention has to offer. You'd be surprised how much you can miss when you spend 2/3 of your experience on a line."
  10. "Plan bathroom breaks. Nothing worse than having to poop during a convention."
    1. "If you're a girl, expect really long fucking lines for the bathroom."
  11. "The Javits finally got a DAN last year but GMRS radios are still useful"
  12. "Bring cash. The Javits Center has ATMs but ain't nobody got time for ATM fees."
  13. "Check websites of NYC comic book stores. Some have NYCC sales that whole Con weekend!"
  14. "If you want something commissioned, contact the artist prior to the Con, and ask if they can do it for you before the convention for you to just pick up at their table. Some will do this, some won't. Don't be offended or mad if they won't!"
  15. "Have a Poster Tube (shoulder strap can be threaded into the PALS webbing of your backpack)"
  16. "Hit Vendors of Large Items (like Gundam kits) on your way out."
    1. "If you're buying stuff, and it's not one of those ones that are NYCC exclusives that are limited and will sell out, wait until Sunday to buy them because vendors are more likely to cut you a deal on the last day. This is, of course, if you have a Sunday pass."
  17. "98% of swords you see should be regarded as wall hangers and priced accordingly. For Japanese Swords DragonSongForge is a Quality Vendor, I have yet to see a good vendor at comic con for European Swords."
  18. "Here's a post listing common scams to watch out for whilst in NYC"
  19. "Be patient and nice with people. We all know it's crowded and hot and that can suck but we're all in it together."
  20. "If you're walking through on the floor and suddenly see something, a celebrity, a funny t-shirt, don't just stop abruptly. Move over to the side so the crowd can keep moving."

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