Friday, July 18, 2014

Client Reviews For Crowdfunding Consultant Work

I've been working as a crowdfunding consultant for over 2 years now, doing both short term and long term consultant work for projects. I have had the pleasure of working with over 100 different crowdfunding campaigns and their creators, helping them develop and polish their projects for success.

There's a lot to keep in mind when running a crowdfunding project, and it's always good practice to have multiple eyes look over things every step of the way. Though not all of these projects were successfully funded, as no one can guarantee that, (and anyone who does is most likely a scam), but all of them benefited greatly from my feedback and suggestions.

Collected here are over 30 reviews from past clients, all of which have been most satisfied, if not glowing in their review of my services! I invite you to check them out below!

"It's super awesome when you get someone with experience and a fresh pair of eyes to look over your site. I'v already implemented three of his suggestions and haven't even had his review for 5 minutes."
"Highly recommend. Anyone creating a crowdfunding project should use this service. Not only did he pick up on some of the little details of the video, but also found a couple of things that I missed. Will hire again for sure."
"This gentleman was very helpful and answered all my questions promptly. Thank you for helping to change the world by helping me with slidetrip dot com"
"[Eric] is # 1 If you need review or advise for your kickstarter project. It was a pleasure ordering this GIG I was very happy with the quality and professionalism of [him] I will be returning for more work in the very near future.....Thanks"
"Great Job its cool to do business with you Thanks again for your help"
"Great job. I would recommend and use again."
"Best crowdfunding advice gig on [site]!!! Eric delivered a 5 page report with loads of constructive feedback. Thank you sooooo much!! :)"
"This guy is truly amazing ! He is the best [seller] here !!!"
"Good seller! Very detailed input."
"Top top man, really knows his stuff !!!!"
"Excellent job, very professional. I can't recommend enough :)"
"Great job, really professional, sincere and objective. Certainly recommended. Thanks!"
"thank you"
"Very Professional! Willing to answer in detail and tries to help in every possible way he can. Best value for money :)"
"[Eric] is a really pro in reviewing and advising on crowdfunding projects! If you are planning to post a a crowdfunding project whether it is Kickstarter or Indiegogo or any other crownfunding website, we highly recommend you order his gig as it is very useful!!"
"Great review, highly recommend this gig pre-launch!"
"We continue to be happy with [Eric's] review and advice on our Kickstarter project VERSI Docker Stand for the iPad, iPhone or any tablet and smartphone. Highly recommend."
"Once again .. excellent service and timely. Very good feedback received that we can use to improve our project. As a return buyer ...thanks [Eric]. Would absolutely recommend for others and I will be coming back to other more gigs!!"
"This [seller] is the real deal. I received excellent advice on how to make my crowdfunding campaign a success. If you are thinking about a crowdfunding cammpaign make sure you order this fiverr's gig. THANK YOU!"
"Really happy with this seller. Highly recommend this gig!"
"Very knowledgeable and eager to make you happy. You will find the review and advise very useful and full of good tips and ideas and best of all not just generic but customized to your specific project. Thumbs up! Will be back for more very soon."
"Good suggestions that I'm incorporating now."
"very insightful information - thanks"
"Delivered much more than expected. Amazing gig!"
"Thumbs Up"
"Good work, a bit late but good non the less. thanks"
"This guy rules! Tons and tons of helpful info and suggestions that actually make sense! This gig could be worth millions if your campaign is that big. I tend to be way too thorough for [sellers] and piss people off sometimes with TMI, but he's thorough too."
"Probably the best crowdfunding gig on [site]. This guy rocks!"
"Great work, thank you for all your help."
"very helpful guy, got some really good tips of him."
"Superb. Can't recommend him highly enough. A thorough professional and a wonderful human being."
"Highly recommended! A Great person to work with."
"Thanks, Great service and I will probably order a gig extra as well"
For the opportunity for me to work with a creator you know or your own project, please contact me either through @KickStartAdvice on Twitter, or through my contact information on my page.