Thursday, March 20, 2014

FAM Radio Episode 02 posted

Well episode 02 of my Foundation After Midnight Radio series is up online now for all your listening, (and viewing), pleasure. We started this in hopes of making it a podcast, but then ran into complications with getting it on iTunes, then I realized I could at least make a little pocket change from running ads on it from my Youtube channel, so for the time being, this is a Youtube based, podcast? series. Or something.

Took over a month to get this out, but that's more because of life than anything. Hoping to move forward with episode 03 faster and have that done and up before the end of the month. That's about a week and a half and I'm pretty confident I can make that happen.

Big thanks to everyone who has listened in and checked us out. We really appreciate it and hope you continue to enjoy the work! More FAM Radio to come, honest!