Monday, January 13, 2014

Seth Green Is A Hero Of Mine

I think the best advice I can really give is what Seth Green said to me at the New York Comic Con, 2009 Robot Chicken Panel:

"Make it! Literally just make it! Like I know that sounds stupid, but we flat out just started making this show... That's how you do it. And then you just don't stop trying to sell it. Took us four years to make this... But that's it. Make it yourself. And don't let someone tell you how to do it. Unless you're wrong and they're much smarter. Ha ha, in which case know when you're wrong."

It was during the Robot Chicken panel and I had camped out right by the mics they had set up for questions. When the time came, all I had to do was stand up and I was first in line to ask my questions. First I asked them how they came up with their ideas, while my second question was asking what advice they had for anyone looking to make their own comedy work. The latter is where the above response comes from.

Not from the panel but afterwards when Seth and the guys were being very cool and signing and taking pictures with fans, despite the bouncers telling us no more photos.
You can see all the questions and long answers, (they loved to go on hilarious rants, much to the panel overseer's annoyance), on Youtube here: My questions come up at 12:40 I do believe.