Monday, October 21, 2013

76-100 Kickstart Advice Tweets Collected

Kickstart Advice 76: After your campaign ends, keep your backers updated as to what's going on with the project, even after the rewards have shipped.

Kickstart Advice 77: Don't launch another Kickstarter campaign until you have fulfilled the rewards of your last campaign.

Kickstart Advice 78: Posters can be added to nice medium pledge level rewards. Get 24x18 inch posters cheaply here:

Kickstart Advice 79: Having an established community and support base already in place will help you achieve your campaign goals easier.

Kickstart Advice 80: Keep your pledge levels simple and clear. Let people know what they are getting, use pictures in description to help define the reward.

Kickstart Advice 81: Don't overdo it with pledge levels! Bogging backers down with too many options may cause confusion and clog up your page.

Kickstart Advice 82: When planning rewards try to get into the backer's mind. Think, what do they want, what would you want and why?

Kickstart Advice 83: Build connections with people before you start your campaign. People are what drive crowdfunding projects.

Kickstart Advice 84: Celebrities on your team or endorsements can help, but are no guarantee for success. Backers have to see your idea and believe in it.

Kickstart Advice 85: from @peerbackers: Build relationships with relevant bloggers & other media in advance of campaign launch.

Kickstart Advice 86: The more you can show potential backers the better. Concept art, roughs, early work will all help cement the project in their minds.

Kickstart Advice 87: Assess the market. Is there a need or niche you are filling? Test for interest before committing to a campaign.

Kickstart Advice 88: Figure out a focus for each pledge level. Look at who would go for which rewards and adjust with interests.

Kickstart Advice 89: Start your campaign on a Monday or Sunday as the week starts out.

Kickstart Advice 90: Make sure you have a video, even if it is short. Videos engage people visually and audibly, more than just a photo.

Kickstart Advice 91: Before launch, hone your pitching skills. You should have your elevator pitch, as well as your longer, more detail pitch, to an art form.

Kickstart Advice 92 by @Fundedbyme: Clear presentation. Generous and clear rewards. And an active project manager before and while the campaign lasts.

Kickstart Advice 93: Establish your credibility. Show people your past work and what qualities you have that make you the right person for them to back.

Kickstart Advice 94: A great way to break the ice about your campaign is to start a conversation with people online. Works better than cold spamming.

Kickstart Advice 95: Have high level pledges in case you catch the eye of someone who is willing to drop the money to support your project.

Kickstarter Advice 96: Cheap advertisements online, (facebook, etc), cost a little but can bring more people to your campaign.

Kickstart Advice 97: Straight up ask people to share your campaign online! A direct request works better than just hoping they will. 

Kickstart Advice 98: Repost your campaign video on Youtube and (if relevant to your project) post additional videos there too!

Kickstart Advice 99: Show what you plan on doing whenever you can. Just telling people your great idea doesn’t cut it.

Kickstart Advice 100: Follow @KickstartAdvice for daily crowdfunding advice! It’s free and quick and one step closer to a successful campaign!

We just passed our 100th tweet of advice for Kickstarters and crowdfunders! Follow us as there is plenty more to come!