Saturday, September 7, 2013

51-75 Kickstart Advice Collected

Kickstart Advice 51: Show your past work and related experiences to prove that you have what it takes to create your project if funded.

Kickstart Advice 52: Once a pledge level is posted you cannot change it though new pledges can be added later.

Kickstart Advice 53: Updates go out to all the email address of your backers, so use it as a way to keep them updated and involved.

Kickstart Advice 54: You will face plenty of passive supporters and rejection. Don’t lose heart, focus on the good.

Kickstart Advice 55: Define what your goal is. You should know exactly how much money you need and where it will all go.

Kickstart Advice 56: Don't make your pledge rewards more complicated than they need to be. Long lists of multiple items get confusing.

Kickstart Advice 57: Don't use a passive voice, call people to action! Engage them!

Kickstart Advice 58: Stay positive and don't talk negatively to your backers! They need to believe in your project and want to see it succeed.

Kickstart Advice 59: Once your campaign hit its goal, shift your efforts to encourage new backers to help you reach stretch goals.

Kickstart Advice 60: Use to track your KS stats during your campaign and track your traffic trends.

Kickstart Advice 61: To look up past campaigns, both successful and non, go to You can sort by categories and goals.

Kickstart Advice 62: Your campaign isn't just bringing in funding but also building a following. Use it to raise awareness and excitement for your project.

Kickstart Advice 63: Shipping physical rewards will take a lot of hours to prepare and more time and energy to actually ship, be prepared.

Kickstart Advice 64: Establish yourself before your campaign. Start communicating with fans and related sites.

Kickstart Advice 65: Make a Facebook page for your studio or product, gain followers by actively posting.

Kickstart Advice 66: Use twitter to connect with more people quickly. Retweets can help spread the word, as can directly tweeting someone.

Kickstart Advice 67: From @TimOfLegend, Kickstarter pitch videos should be 4 minutes or less. Any more info should be in updates or descriptions.

Kickstart Advice 68: Collect email addresses for news blogs related to your project and share them with your backers to help support you!

Kickstart Advice 69: Keep your campaign in theme with your project. If it's a funny project, be funny. Have a mystery? Be mysterious!

Kickstart Advice 70: Custom pins are great for low level pledge rewards.

Kickstart Advice 71: Don't get discouraged by a slow start, some projects don't peak until later in their campaign. Work to get the word out!

Kickstart Advice 72: Between card charges that don't go through and backers changing their pledge, you may expect a difference of 5% final funds.

Kickstart Advice 73: Backing other projects on kickstarter will give you a feel for what works and what doesn't, and shows you support the community.

Kickstart Advice 74: Ask for tips from those who have already completed a campaign! Generally they will be more than willing to share their experience.

Kickstarter Advice 75: If you don't make your goal, don't fret. Remember to take a look at your campaign, what went right/wrong, and try again.

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