Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kangaroo plus Elephant equals a what?

Just a random drawing made for an old colleague. I've always loved drawing animals and imaginary creatures and one of my favorite games was to take two animals and mix them together to form a new hybrid beast. And by was I don't mean when I was little, but I mean is as I still do this in my own free time or on request. This is a kangaroo mixed with an elephant as the title suggests.

At the summer camp I worked at we had a lot of homesick little kids so to try to distract them I would ask them what their favorite animals were and start drawing these crazy mash ups of the two. Most kids were completely mesmerized by this and promptly forgot what they were upset about. I'm drawn a fair share of cat crossbreeds over the times I've done this. Some I am proud of, some aren't much to write home about.

Moral of the story, a cat-dolphin is much more interesting than a cat-dog mix.

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