Thursday, May 23, 2013

Iron Man Armor Name Generator

So a few weeks have pasted since Iron Man 3 came out. Was a fun ride with quite possibly too much action in it. Definitely more than enough explosions and, what's that you say? Not enough suits of power armor? I'm not sure I believe you! To be fair, as Tony pointed out, you can never have too many Iron Mans (Iron Men?) running (errr, flying?) around.

In honor of the third installation of the Iron Man movie series, here is an Iron Man Armor Name Generator I put together. Feel free to try it out and pass it around the internet! Share it with your Marvel friends and compare names!

When I made this I was using the template set up from my Super Apartment Bros, "What would your game's title be?" chart. [link] Changed the set up of the letters a bit to see how it worked, now it reads from top to bottom more. Left space at the bottom for all those pesty Facebook "options" that pop up when sharing images online. Didn't want to let anything overlaying the image mess with how it worked, watermarks included. Iron was included but not Man because there should only ever be one real Iron Man suit, and ___-Man is a little boring after a while and not gender neutral enough. Also, as many names/words as possible were taken from actual Iron Man suit titles. Hulk Buster, Thor Buster, Iron Patriot, Hammer Drone, etc. (in hindsight, should have included Shield as a first name option)

Again, please feel free to try, share and pass around the internet!