Monday, May 6, 2013

Guerrilla Advertising Super Apartment Bros

On Facebook and Twitter we work to promote the Super Apartment Bros series to friends and fans, getting them excited and talking in hopes that they share it with their friends. When we're not actually releasing the episodic video content that makes up the series, it can be a bit trickier to keep their attention. We don't want to overstimulate them, posting so much they become annoyed and Unlike, yet we still want to keep on their radar with funny and engaging content.

To do that the past year plus, we've tried a few different tactics. We've had contests for the series, created free to download and use cover images and songs, parodied movie postersmemes, and shared fan art. Other content we're shared has been non-Super Apartment Bros pictures, links and videos that are humorous to gaming and geek cultures. It can be hard to find the right mix between entertaining while still representing our series' brand.

The most successful posts made in the last few months have mainly been images, with a little more than half of them being original SAB content while the other half reposts of other gaming related reposted. While the more original and creative an image is can help bring in more comments and likes, content that calls for a reply gets better interaction. Questions, jests, jokes, polls and semi-game like subjects prompt viewers to take part in the discussion and express their own opinions.

The image below was recently created for and shared via the Super Apartment Bros Facebook page to generate impressions, getting in front of new audiences while entertaining our current fan base. It's a simple mechanic, seen plenty of times on Facebook. Users are prompted to figure out their "game's name" by using the first letter of their first and last names. It's a simple thing that interests our viewers and gives them something to contribute via comment, sharing their game's name.

At this time the image has been posted for about 4 hours and has reached 382 unique people, engaged 46 people and generated 26 new stories in their Facebook feeds. Additionally a new person has Liked the Facebook page, though this may or may not be because of the image being posted. Compare that to images posted a few days ago averaging at reaching about 75 unique people, engaging 9 people and generating 4 stories.
It's obvious that content more like this, that engages the audience more than just a promotion image does, generates more interest and causes more sharing. It gets the viewers to become involved with the spread of the image without directly asking them to. The hard part companies usually find generally is continuing to create content that is both relevant to their brand as well as enticing. More on that next post.