Saturday, April 13, 2013

New Comic Wallets

As much as digital artwork is where it is at on the internet, I can't shake the oh-so-cool feeling I get from working with my hands on real world material. Enter my latest comic wallets, fresh from the pages of Marvel and DC! I've got some new listings that might not be here by the time you read this but I wanted to share them anyways.

First up I have a new favorite, my "Pencils, Red Hulk & Spiderman" from the pages of a preview for the Avenging Spiderman comic. This wallet is white with pencil artwork all around the outside with Spiderman talking with the new Red Hulk, though in black and white who can tell?

Next up is "Spiderman vs A.I.M." also from the pages of a preview for the Avenging Spiderman comic, though this time just focusing namely on Spiderman as he kicks butt.

After that I just wanted to share the Wolverine themed one, "You And Me Have Business" with everyone's favorite mutant fighting it out with a lizard man in the sewers.

I make these wallets using actual comic book pages, lamination paper and some packing tape. They hold up very well and are thinner than leather wallets. all my models have two pockets for bills as well as two smaller pockets for cards. You can find these and more over at my etsy shop here: