Saturday, March 23, 2013

$1 Kickstarter Pledge Levels Are Useless

So you're setting up your own Kickstarter campaign and it's time to organize pledge levels. You've done your homework and looked a number of projects, both successful and not so successful ones, and you've probably seen a lot of $1 pledge levels. They don't actually give much but every little bit counts right and it couldn't hurt to let people to give just one dollar to your project for free right? Oh how wrong you could be! 

If people are going to take the time to back your project, that means they want to support you at least in some way. These people may only want to give the bare minimum and that's perfectly fine, but setting up a pledge level for $1 is passing up an opportunity to ask for more. Besides the fact that people can already just donate $1, (or any amount), for no pledge reward, most people who want to just give the minimum will go for the lowest option you give them. If that is $1, so be it. If that is $5, so be it. What's the difference? 

The difference of someone giving you $1 or $5 doesn't really show until you add it up so let's look at the numbers. Say one hundred people give you $1, you just raised $100 for your project. Now let's say those same people gave $5 instead...

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