Monday, February 11, 2013

Job Search Is Go!

Since graduating in the spring of 2012 I took some time to work on my own project, "Super Apartment Bros." My team and I have produced a short season's worth of episodes, (see 14 plus videos), and it's been a great experience.  From the initial concepting of the show, to the success of the kickstarter campaign, to managing the global team and the release of weekly episodes. I've learned a lot about myself and and about the ins and out of running a team for something like this. Currently I'm applying to a number of studios that I think are engaging and creating quality products in hopes of getting a job that I can bring my passion to. I know that once I get my foot in the door somewhere I will be driven to give the job my all and work to create great stuff with them. While I would love to keep working on my own project, I believe the time is right for me to break into the industry and get experience with more established studios.