Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wheatley is 343 Success!

So I'd been sitting on this video project for a long time and no I'm not talking about Super Apartment Bros this time. I am talking about my newest video out on Machinima called, "Wheatley is 343 Guilty Spark" which is a mash up of Portal 2 dialogue over a Halo Combat Evolved cut scene from the Anniversary edition. Here's the video now so you can see what I'm talking about:

I hope you enjoyed it as I had fun editing one together. Funny thing is though I had the majority of the work (all the audio editing) done nearly a year or so ago! I'm not sure when the idea came about but, if I'm honest, I think most gamers at one time or another have said that Wheatley and Guilty Spark look the same. The video took it one step further because to me they sound the same even! Well, at least their dialogue lines are similar enough you can swap one out and replace them and it's basically the same conversation.

It's been really great seeing the video get attention and reading the comments people have for it, very grateful for all of them, thank you internet.

You can see the video on Machinima's Youtube page here:

Also got featured on Kotaku though it looks like their site is down at the moment. I feel extremely flattered that they titled the article, "Someone put Portal's Wheatley in Halo and now I can't stop laughing!" had a post about the video as well, also being nice enough to link to my toadking07 Youtube channel

Halo Bungie dot Org or HBO for Halo fans out there mentioned the video and said, "The integration of the two games' audio is masterful." Which I swear I won't let go to me head but I am glad that all the painful editing worked out in the end. It was not easy silencing 343 and adding in Wheatley while keeping the background music changes masked.

As well as a few other blogs and various sites.

All in all I am very happy with the final product and hopefully you'll see more soon too! Not to try to cash in on something that works but there are a lot of other cut scenes that I thought about using that may get a second chance just like this project!

Also also, did you catch the Super Apartment Bros plug at the end? Not very subtle but it got it in front of +90,000 viewers and that has brought the SAB channel a nice boost in viewers and subscribers. Maybe we need to do more stuff like this as a marketing strategy?