Sunday, October 7, 2012

No One Said Anything...

No one said anything worth doing was easy, and I'll tell you right now that's pretty true. While I have enjoyed managing the creation of Super Apartment Bros, my very own project come to fruit, it has not been an easy road. I've lost sleep, poured hundreds and hundreds of hours into it, lost out with friends due to disagreements or just not having time to hang out with them, and never spent a dollar of the Kickstarter budget raised to pay myself. $2,000 disappears pretty quickly when paying for sprites and logo work and various other expenses despite being lucky enough to have a lot of our team working for free or discounted rates. If I could I'd pay everyone up front and save just enough for myself to pay rent and keep me fed.

The team of people I've gathered to work on this project have all been great, all very talented people I would hire in the blink of an eye. SAB would not be possible without them, and I respect them for all the time and energy they have been able to give me and this project. My hope is that when it's all done everyone is happy with their work from it and can use it as a portfolio piece or on their resume. Somehow I hope to work it into my own, show people what we did, where we started and where we got things in less than a years time. My life these last three, going on four, months has been wake up, Super Apartment Bros, eat, sleep, repeat. It's definitely going to be strange when it's all over, though I'm sure I'll find a way to keep busy and keep doing Super Apartment Bros.

If anyone knows of a real job looking to hire a jack of all trades and a master of none who's also a quick learner, let me know. (or if you know of a way we can just get paid to create more Super Apartment Bros I've got more than a few team members interested in that) Anyways, lot to process today, guess I'll call this rant over.