Monday, August 13, 2012

Well I missed a week so I figured I'd start early on this on and over compensate by posting all of the episodes of Super Apartment Bros online right now in order. Check them out before. I director, produced, and wrote or assisted in writing each episode. Please watch them and let us know what you thought!

Episode 00 is our trailer/intro to the characters as they interview for the apartment:

Episode "Lost Life" has Igam dosing up on Star power and enjoying invincibility while it lasts:

Episode "The Code" Sophie and Igam get into a complex bet over how long Igam can go without teleporting around the apartment like he does:

Episode "Demon Date" shows how dating in the gaming world can be dangerous to your hit points:

Episode "A Virtual League Of Their Own" has the gang heading out to a NBA Jam game to hopefully relax, though nothing ever really works that way:

Episode "Rent Coins" features old man Mario collecting rent from his tenants who seem to make it a goal to never give it up easy.