Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Super Apartment Bros Ep 01 "Lost life"

Up now online, the first full episode of the season, watch super Apartment Bros Episode 01 here now!

Let the show begin! Help us share the link and spread the word if it makes you laugh! More to come weekly from here on out!

It wasn't easy, a lot of hard work and sacrifices were made to get this project to where it is today. Work isn't over, but it's slowly down hill from here on out. Special thanks to everyone who supported the project so far and of course to all who have worked on the series as well!

Credits for Episode 01 is as follows:

Creator, Director, Executive Producer, Script Writer: Eric J. Stover http://www.ericjstover.com/
Co-Producer: Luke Dornbush http://www.wix.com/lukedornbush/writer

Voice Actor: Courtney Garcia
Sprite Artist: Kathy Kissinger http://www.kkissianim.com/

Voiced Actor: Jonathan Cooke
Sprite Artist: Lorenzo Kunkels (TheShard1994) http://theshard1994.blogspot.com/

Voice Actor: Sean Chiplock (sonicmega) http://sonicmega.newgrounds.com/
Sprite Artists: Brianna Trusty (kilaicious) http://kilaicious.deviantart.com/ & Lorenzo Kunkels (TheShard1994) http://theshard1994.blogspot.com/

Koopa Nerd
Voice Actor: Luis Illingworth (@luisill) http://luisillingworth.com/
Sprite Artist: Katrina Guillermo (@vampku) http://gdkitkat.tumblr.com/

Set Artist: Aaron Dintino

Storyboard Artist: Jordan Murphy http://www.creaturecarousel.com/
Episode Animation: Toya DeBrew http://toyastudios.blogspot.com/
Intro & Credits Animation: Eric J. Stover http://www.ericjstover.com/

Main Theme/Credit Music: Ben Ray http://www.youtube.com/user/firstturnfold
Sound Editor: Matt Wesdock

Sound Designers: Alan McKinney http://mckinneysound.com, & James Primate http://brightprimate.tk/ , & Ben Ray & Soundsnap.com

Web Designer: Shawn Griffin

Special Thanks to: Family, Friends, Kickstarter Backers, And everyone else for their support!!