Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The finished version for the Super Apartment Bros main title intro. 
Please enjoy.

A Youtube webseries needs a short and to the point intro as viewers will end up watching it multiple times in one sitting. Compared to TV show themes, (which also have become shorter in recent years), online videos have to keep their audience's attention second to second or risk losing them to another flashy internet post and can not afford a drawn out title sequence.

Super Apartment Bros, Main Title Intro, Season 1

Animation/Edited by Eric J. Stover

Griffin/Vehicle Sprites by Lorenzo Kunkels (TheShard1994)

Sophie Sprites by Kathy Kissinger

Igam Sprites by Brianna Trusty (Kilaicious)

Fireball Assets by Katrina G. @Vampku

Main Title Intro Music  by Ben Ray