Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Project, Super Apartment Bros

Well for those who have followed me in the slightest, you've probably heard me mention my project Super Apartment Bros before. It has consumed my life for the past 8+ months and who would have thought making a animated web series would take so long? Really the question should be ask who wouldn't be surprised that bringing a series like this to life would take nearly a year to make?

For some this may sound like a long time to work on anything, while others will only smile at the thought of a project only going on for such a short time. Myself I can only smile at what I have accomplished and keep moving forward with everything. If I could go back and do it over again I'd go for it but I'd organize my resources better. I had thought that having multiple stages of production rolling at the same time would make things move quicker, while I have found it only prolongs some stages. It also causes you to have nothing 100% completed for a very long time. Scripts are only just now getting to 90% completion, with sprites at about 85%, voice work at around 65%, storyboards at 50%, animatics at 25% and animation at just 5%.
We've got a lot left to do but there's a lot that is done and locked in place. Being a full time student hasn't helped the project speed any, though it hasn't been great working with my fellow students on a big project like this. I'm really striving to create something that when it's all said and done everyone who worked on it can walk away proud of their part in it. For a while I tried to rush the project out because I was building up imaginary pressure on myself to complete it on the original schedule I had said I could. Eventually I realized that that wasn't healthy, not for myself and not for the project. School had slowed things down, so had all the steps I had missed in my original scheduling. In order to hand off the stories for the animators to bring to life I would need storyboards, animatics, animation notes, and a whole lot of other emails and smaller documents in between it all to make sure everyone was on the same page!

Things have been up and down with enough twists and turns to merit a small documentary. (we'll have getting it's own TV show when it's actually a series online ok?) Right now it'll be done when it's done, with a lot of stuff wrapping up in the next month before I graduate in June. We won't have all the episodes animated, but we should be releasing before then, and the rest should follow quickly.

Here is a quick sample of the intro for the series in it's rough cut.