Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kickstarter Tips, Part 3: Presenting Your Project

Presenting Your Project

1. Explain it

  • Give a short summary of the project in the video
  • Go into more detail in the description for those who want to learn more
  • Post useful F.A.Q. to answer any questions backers might have
  • Every time you talk about your project, be it a short or long description, it should inform people, not bore, distract, or confuse them about what your project is

2. Outline it

  • Let people know the end goal
  • How much you want and why
  • Tell them what the funds go towards. Don’t let them think you don’t have a plan or don’t really need the funds
  • Let them know what your plans are if you reach your goal
  • What about if you exceed your goal? Double it? What if you triple it, then what are your plans? At the very least have a vague idea what you would do with more funds

3. Keep them informed

  • Release updates in a timely manner
  • Don’t wait too long between updates, but don’t update every day every time you get a dollar
  • A little less than a week works best, though remember to update when something important or exciting happens
  • Be thankful, informative, and/or funny
  • Update them on how the project is coming, any news or changes
  • Do not waste their time with pointless updates
  • Edit the description as time goes on
  • This shows you are present and attentive to your project
  • If you reach your goal, celebrate!
  • Do a special update, thank your backers, and post something unique to reward everyone for helping you reach your goal
  • Aim for a new goal, let people know what your plans are now
  • Change your push but continue to seek more backers
  • Share images from your project in your updates and the description
  • Much more interesting than a wall of text