Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kickstarter Tips, Part 2: About Rewards

About Rewards

  1. Must be cost effective
    • Remember to calculate in total expense of reward
    • Shipping and handling
    • Shipping supplies
    • Bulk order items to save money and remember to shop around
    • Time and energy spent filling out rewards
    • Product cost
    • Balance between cost vs. gain
    • $400 pledge for a $4 coffee mug is not fair to the backer
    • $25 pledge for a $20 poster is not fair for the project
    • Good middle ground is total reward cost = 1/3 of pledge amount (i.e., $10 reward cost for $30 pledge means $20 gain for project)
    • Smaller pledge rewards should be less as they are not worth as much effort for such a small pledge (i.e. $1 reward cost for $5 pledge means $4 gain for project)
    • Larger pledges are generous but do not need to be overloaded with trinkets to fill up reward worth
    • Does not need to include everything given in previous pledges and should have something special for backers besides more of the previous pledge level rewards
    • You can give people an experience worth more than a physical reward
    • Experiences can be cheap cost wise but still fulfilling
    • Let them see sneak peeks or behind the scenes stuff
    • Artistic pieces are fun and unique
    • Reward higher pledges with special editions, signed stuff, or extra copies
    • Give them chance to be a part of the project
    • Let them contribute by naming something, getting their likeness in the project, or having their name read by the cast.
  2. Some people will be motivated to give and give more if they like what they get back as a reward. Make sure rewards are something interesting
  3. Have fun with the rewards and pledge levels
    • Name each level something funny
    • Add rewards that you would want, have fun with it
  4. Overall rewards should not interfere with the project
    • Give yourself plenty of time to finish the project before you have to send out the rewards
    • Don’t let rewards bog down the project schedule or be more complicated than worth
  5. Remember every pledge it a gift, be thankful for any and all support given