Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kickstarter Tips, Part 1: Video Musts

Video Musts

1. Be to the point

-Elevator pitch

-Shorter is better. Don’t bog them down with too much info

-You’re not selling them the product; you’re selling them your idea

- (don’t be an infomercial!)

2. Be interesting

-Pick a video style that works for you

-Should compliment your project’s theme and style, stick with it

-Be entertaining

-Be humorous

-Tell viewers about the background story

-Could have your project explained by your characters

-Be inspirational

-Tell them about yourself. What your background is, what you’re trying to do, what your goals are for the project, what itmeans to you


-Let them know your hopes and dreams

-Tell stories of how the project came to be

3. Have Quality Video/Audio

-This does not mean it has to be a massive production

- (My video was made up on the spot in two hours before rushing to catch a plane. Edited it at night for two days and then posted it)

- (Did see a guy raise money on Kickstarter to make a better Kickstarter video for another project)

-Production of video should not interfere with your project’s schedule

-You must be heard and understood

-Speak up, make sure you are near the camera/recorder, and make sure there little to no background noise

-Do not let background music compete with speaker

-Practice lines, multiple takes if needed until you’ve got the words down

-Show any artwork, examples or demos you have from the project

-It shows viewers what you have and what you can do. Paints a picture in the viewers head as to what the final product will look like