Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kickstarter Project Tips; Factors for Success

Factors For A Successful Kickstarter Project
(Or otherwise titled as ‘Eric Stover’s Notes For Kickstarter Newbies’)
Presented here are the notes and thoughts on what goes into a successful Kickstarter project as gathered from Eric Stover’s personal experience with his own project and from examining the success and failure of others. This is in no way a complete guide or a guarantee for success but aims to help those new to Kickstarter avoid easy mistakes. Many great ideas die because their project is presented poorly which in turn means they do not receive the pledges they so desperately need. What defines a project as successful is it reaching its pledge goal, but what determines that is a number of factors. The next few pages should be read and considered as you start constructing your own Kickstarter project.

Part 4: Getting It Out There