Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Medieval Resident Evil

A first-person, close combat, survival horror game set in medieval times.

There I've said it, this is a game I've been fantasizing about making someday, somehow. You would play as a knight if we want to stick with the classic tried and true and using the brutal weaponry of the middle ages, whether it be a morning star, claymore, spear or otherwise, you would face off against an army of evil dead. This would not be the entirety of the game but it would be the main gameplay focus.

Being in a first-person view would set you at eye level with the zombies and would make it seem like they were coming right for you, as apposed to attacking your character. Instead of just swinging your sword and knocking enemies back with generic motions, your slashes maybe could cut into them and their bodies would take area critical damage. Slash out and catch a zombie from the side, maybe chop off it's head, stab at it and run it through with your sword. The zombies would also have their own attacks and would forever be reaching out for you, jaws agape.

If you had the space you could strafe and keep moving out of their reach. With a good weapon you could put down any that got too close. But what happens when you're surrounded in a dank cramped dungeon and a zombie does get a hold of you? Sometimes the zombies will just take a swing at you, claw you, or try to bite you, but other times they'll go in for a special attack. When this happens the zombie in question will latch onto your screen, and a quick-time like event will begin.

The zombie will struggle with you, bringing it's jaws in close or scraping at your face, and you'll have to react accordingly. Rotate your thumb sticks around to knock it off, maybe a press few melee buttons to reverse the attack and finish the ghoul. One thing for certain, you'll be getting an eyeful of rotten flesh and a mouthful of putrid death all over your screen.

Since the first-person view's main disadvantage as a viewpoint is that you can't see where you character is align in the world (example play "Mirror's Edge" and try to make sure your character is really behind the brick wall and not sticking her butt out for the enemy to shoot at) this Medieval Resident Evil would not require much positioning when fighting. While a mini-map would probably be included, a secondary HUD marker could also be added to let you know of any approaching dead behind you.

Through castles and dungeons, ancient temples, burning villages, and forsaken battlefields you would face the hordes of the dead. Instead of shooting "infected" zombies and running through shopping malls, the game would take you back to a time of knights and fantasy. A Dark Lord raising an army of the dead, or a strange plague that causes it's victims to go mad, or any number of classic stories could be behind this strange outbreak of zombies. Magic would be a very likely reason, if I must say it.

Guns are a long way off, or at the very least are very time consuming to fire. Arrows do little damage unless you manage a direct head shot. Your only protection is your plate mail, and your only offense if your sword. Cut any that get too close, and hope you can live to see the day before they overwhelm you and tear your armor away to devour your flesh.