Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Portal Posters, Prints and Other Things

Hey, just wanted to take a moment to direct anyone and everyone over to a shop on Up for sale are various Portal themed posters and prints, as well as other geeky items such as comic book wallets.

Ranging from 24"x36" to 24"x18", there are various test chamber warning sign designs and even a poster so you can have your own orange portal on your wall! You can buy the standard, or ordered with a custom number and your own pick of icons from Portal, Portal 2 and beyond! Besides the game ones, there is also a Wheatley Laboratories variation test chamber poster.

These are of good quality paper and design and are perfect for a Portal fan's wall, wherever they decide to hang it!

Besides posters there are a number of comic book wallets for sale there too. These wallets are made from recycled comic book pages and are laminated to resist wear, tear and water. They have two pockets for bills and two pockets for cards. Very catchy and made to last longer than your average paper wallet. Comic books used include Deadpool, Watchmen, Spawn, Marvel Origins, The Good, Y: The Last Man, and many more!

Prices are cheap for posters of that size, and the wallets will last a good while if not sent through the wash anytime soon. Check the shop out and see if any of it is to your liking! Check in in the future for more shop updates and new items.