Saturday, April 2, 2011

Multiplayer Game Type Overview 1: Capture the Flag

Multiplayer Game Type Overview 1: Capture the Flag
by Eric J Stover

Capture the Flag (CTF, Capture the Bag, Stock Pile, Retrieval, Capture the Sister)

Objective: Teams try to capture and retrieve opposing team's flag from enemy territory.

Scoring: Points are awarded for flag captures only. Flags are captured when pick up and brought back to a scoring location and must be scored within a set time limit or number of rounds to win.

General Elements: Game is usually played with two teams, switching between attacking the enemy base to capture flags, and defending their own flag from being capture at the same time. Kills don't count for points and respawns are generally unlimited. Team play is an important part of a successful capture as solo attackers usually will not fair well against a defended flag. Usually once a flag is captured the round is over or capturing a flag will score a point and reset the flag for another possible capture.

Modifiers: 1 Sided CTF, with one team defending and one team attacking in turn. Certain games include movable flags or bases. Other game variations to CTF include multiple flags, more than two teams attacking and defending their flags at a time, and neutral flags to capture. Requiring teams to bring their flag to an enemy base to score is a CTF variation, but has evolved into another game type on it's own.

Possible Variations:
Mutli-Team 1 Sided CTF: Instead of only 2 teams, or having multiple teams with their own bases to attack and defend, setting multiple teams attacking against a single team defending would change up classic 1 Sided CTF gameplay. Attacking teams would not only have to go against the defending team, but also against the other attacking teams, competing for flag captures. The attacker teams would have smaller seized teams than the defending team, but gameplay could allow for more attacker teams. (ie, 1 team of 4 Defenders vs 3 teams of 2 attackers)

Hold the Flag Objective: To make the game more of a back and forth between attack and defense, players could be made to hold onto flags in place of just dropping them off for points. Once a flag is picked up, players must take it to various objective locations, getting points for bringing the flag to said station, but still holding on to it. Flag could be returned by defending team if dropped and reset. Game could also be a battle to control the flag, with teams struggling to have the flag in their base by the end of the round for points.

Flag Hoarding: Another variation of the stockpile capture the flag mode, would be to have players getting points only for the number of flags in their base. Flags could be picked up and carried back to bases, but would not count for points until the end of the round. At any time another team could come in and steal flags from someone else and take the flags back to their own base. Players would always know how many flags a team possessed at any given time, and could target teams with the most flags at the moment.