Sunday, February 14, 2016

2 Years and 7 Episodes, the Foundation After Midnight Radio Podcast

Just over 2 years ago now (Feb 6th, 2014) I started a podcast based off the SCP Foundation wiki and inspired by Welcome to Night Vale. It stars DJ Scip (voiced by Kyle Stover) and is set as a radio broadcast from within the secret organization known as the Foundation. The episodes cover news and announcements in the universe for Foundation personnel and has an upbeat, if dry sense of humor.

These are the various title cards used for the 7 currently posted episodes online. Their lengths range from 13:40 to 40:41, with the average being 22:69

You can find the episodes on Youtube here with bonus hidden visual content in some.

We have over 1 hour of listening content up for free, released under a Creative Comments Attribute and Share Alike license.

We have a growing fan base on Facebook we like to keep updated on our production.

I invite you to check out our podcast as well as the SCP Foundation wiki as well. It's a great, strange, creepy, loving, horror filled, creative writing community! WARNING: It's a lot like TV Tropes in that you may get lost clicking through tale after tale and lose track of time.

DJ Scip is even setting up his own Tumblr page to better chat with the SCP community in its many different community groups online! Feel free to send him an ask over there! He gets bored between broadcasts.

While we wish we could upload more episodes more frequently, currently we are just proud of how long we have been doing this podcast and we do not have plans on stopping. More episodes with more guest voices to come! Currently working on launching a "season 2" and doing a new story arc of sorts. Stay tuned for more Foundation After Midnight Radio!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Facebook Is Cheating In The Views Race

A rant about Facebook originally posted to my Facebook profile in hopes ‪#‎Facebook‬ eventually hears the noise in their ivory tower.

While scrolling through my news feed today I came across a video shared by a friend, posted by a page they follow. I watched it but then noticed something odd in the description. It said, "video source (link)" which lead to a YouTube page.

The video had originally been made and posted by Screw Attack and had been downloaded and reuploaded by a page not affiliated with SA. It had one of those names where you know they are just trying to catch views and likes, one of those "curated content" geek pages plaguing Facebook.

Well I see them as a plague, but Facebook doesn't seem to think this is an issue. They made it very difficult to report stolen content, to flag the video, the post, or the page. In fact, only the video's creators can flag it in any way. In order to do anything about it I had to send the Facebook video's link to Screw Attack and hope they can do something about it.

Why though does it matter, Eric? Why go to the trouble, it's just a video.. Except it's not, it's stolen content and shady business practices. For starters the offending page literally took the Screw Attack video and uploaded it themselves, which is against Facebook policy and most platform policies.

Secondly the video now has at least 5,000 views on Facebook that the original video isn't receiving. Not a huge loss for Screw Attack but plenty of other creators have had their content reuploaded and lost out on millions of views.

Thirdly Facebook favors videos uploaded to their website over links to YouTube. A YouTube video may reach 300 of a page's followers, while a Facebook video will reach 4,000 of them and show up more in new feeds.

And another thing, Facebook is benefiting from all this because they run ads on Facebook. So while these kinds of pages are trying to share trendy videos and score Likes, Facebook is raking in ad venue from the side. It also keeps to keep you from wandering away from Facebook.

Recently Facebook bragged that they were the new video viewing platform. But most of the content is stolen from YouTube. On top of that, the videos count a "view" as at least 1 second of the video playing. YouTube doesn't count until 30 some seconds. And let's not forget that Facebook videos autoplay when you scroll by.

So maybe I haven't had a video of mine reuploaded on Facebook. So maybe there are other, more serious issues in the world. This is something I wanted to share because I think it's a problem with this site. Facebook should be more conscientious about it and the average Facebooker should know about it.

You can watch a great video about this problem here: 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

My 2015 Reads


  1. "YOU are a BADASS"This book is about being a better you, with a focus on getting into the head space to do the awesome things you want to do! Picked this up at random in Barnes and Noble after my break up in Oct and it really resonated with me. Some chapters are more about yourself, your relationships with others, while some chapters focus on getting work done and accepting yourself and your work style.
  2. "American Political Speeches"Bought for a friend but wanted to make sure I had read it before I gave it to him. I had thought of him when I first saw it but wasn't entirely sure if he'd really enjoy it as much as I thought he might. Lot of great speeches and historical notes. Was saddened though to see some issues addressed in speeches from decades ago are still major issues in America today.
  3. "Coffee with Jesus" I enjoyed the webcomic greatly and got a physical book with an Amazon birthday gift card. Both snarky and humorous, while still thought provoking and meaningful.
  4. "Juggling Elephants"Loan to me by a friend, this helped me think about the areas of my life that have been out of balance. I am often taking on too much at once and this helped get me thinking of how and what I can do to get a better handle on the problem.
  5. "The Freelancer's Bible"This was a big one for me to get through as I tried to digest everything that was brought up. A lot of information for freelancing and one book that I will likely be picking through time and time again over the new year.
  6. "Roadside Picnic"An excellent though shorter read about the gritty concept of aliens visiting earth and leaving their junk here without contacting humanity in the slightest. Super advanced technology is lift in the hands of humans with no instructions and little direct usefulness. Would recommend if you like scifi and such!

Monday, November 16, 2015


Blog post from
I’ve been having an insightful shuffle through Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s book Creativity: The Work and Lives of 91 Eminent People. Mihaly is a seminal professor of Psychology and Management, and is the Founding Co-Director of the Quality of Life Research Center at Claremont. He writes:
“I have devoted 30 years of research to how creative people live and work, to make more understandable the mysterious process by which they come up with new ideas and new things. If I had to express in one word what makes their personalities different from others, it’s complexity. They show tendencies of thought and action that in most people are segregated. They contain contradictory extremes; instead of being an individual, each of them is a multitude.”
Nine out of the ten people in me strongly agree with that statement. As someone paid to be creative, I sometimes feel kaleidoscopic in my views or opinions, and that “multitude” of expressions sometimes confuses those around me. Why does that happen? My thoughts make cohesive sense to me, yet others sometimes feel that I am contradicting myself or switching positions. What is wrong with me?
Mihaly describes 9 contradictory traits that are frequently present in creative people:
Most creative people have a great deal of physical energy, but are often quiet and at rest. They can work long hours at great concentration.
Most creative people tend to be smart and naive at the same time. “It involves fluency, or the ability to generate a great quantity of ideas; flexibility, or the ability to switch from one perspective to another; and originality in picking unusual associations of ideas. These are the dimensions of thinking that most creativity tests measure, and that most creativity workshops try to enhance.”
Most creative people combine both playfulness and productivity, which can sometimes mean both responsibility and irresponsibility. “Despite the carefree air that many creative people affect, most of them work late into the night and persist when less driven individuals would not.” Usually this perseverance occurs at the expense of other responsibilities, or other people.
Most creative people alternate fluently between imagination and fantasy, and a rooted sense of reality. In both art and science, movement forward involves a leap of imagination, a leap into a world that is different from our present. Interestingly, this visionary imagination works in conjunction with a hyperawareness of reality. Attention to real details allows a creative person to imagine ways to improve them.
Read the other 5 reasons list in the article over on

Saturday, November 14, 2015

There’s a post going around like this:

There’s a post going around like this:
“versace-g0ldIMPORTANT!!!PLEASE READ:I don’t care if this ruins your blog and doesn’t fit with the theme. YOU HAVE TO REBLOG THIS; you could save a life, and that this moment, it’s really important that you do that.It is said to be that ISIS have announced that their next targets are ROME,WASHINGTON  and LONDON. If you’re in ANY major city, PLEASE leave get your loved ones out. The cities are no longer safe, the world is broken and I can’t stress how important this is. YOU NEED TO LEAVE ANY MAJOR CITY NOW. If you can’t PLEASE, stay in your homes, stay inside where it’s safe. I am begging you, please stay safe.MAJOR CITIES:Tokyo, Japan
New York, USA Sao Paulo, Brazil
Mexico City, Mexico
Manila, Philippines”
…and it goes on to list about every other major city in the world. Please do not reblog this, do not share it. At best you are spreading fear and making people feel unsafe when they need to stand tall and unite. The world is a dangerous place, but spreading misinformation like this does not help. Terrorist groups spread fear, it helps their causes, it leads to more chaos. It’s a bit cliched, but letting fear rule our lives is letting the terrorists when.
We do not know when more attacks may come, or where, if at all. Trying to run from major cities will not help the situation. Panicking as if the world was broken and all was lost is dangerous and foolish. We mourn. We rebuild. We recover. We stand tall. We prove we are better than them, better than their tactics.
Help those in other countries as you can. Support those who make a difference. Be prepared to be called upon, to aid those in need when their time of need comes. We will not be brought low by these attacks and the fear they are trying to spread.
The original post was on tumblr, made by a user who has since deleted their account. It was made after a tweet by someone or a conspiracy site. Either way, it was not credible. Please search before you share.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

No One Committed Suicide Over Star Wars And Other Lies That Trended On Twitter

So if you haven't already heard about it #boycottStarWarsVII is trending or was trending on Twitter and Facebook and probably elsewhere online. Supposedly some sad sack felt angry that the new Star Wars movie was starring a black male lead and a white female lead, with white males as side characters. Or something.

Yeah, it sounds fairly insane and extremely petty, not to mention down right sexist and racist. Also, if you agreed with my describing the boycott like that, you weren't along. In fact, almost the entirety of the people posting, tweeting, retweeting, and talking about the hashtag are in agreeance. If you search the hashtag, you'll be hard pressed to actually find anyone seriously considering boycotting the movie for any reason. Tweets sporting the hashtag can be separated into those outraged that some white guy can't handle non white actors in his Star Wars and those who are making jokes because it's so bad.

So no, #BoycottStarWarsVII is not trending because it's a serious thing. There is no epidemic of enraged white guys who are plotting to avoid the movie. At worst there are a handful of racist and a lot of people calling them out on it. More likely than not though, it was a hoax, a trolling, something to get everyone crying out in rage over this nonissue. 99.99% of us are looking forward to the new movie and welcome the new cast with open arms.

And on a quick closing not, tells me that no, a man did not kill himself over the new movie's black character, that was a lie started by a site that posts fake news all the time.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Heart-Won: Global Journeys to Marriage Equality

My work as a crowdfunding consultant has allowed me the honor to work on a number of unique and meaningful projects over the years, and I am excited to be a part of one launching soon!

The link is here, though you won't actually be able to see the project until it is live after the 21st. I'll be sure to update this blog when the time comes to really spread the word on this. PROJECT IS LIVE, PELASE SUPPORT! :)

It's been almost a month now of strategizing, coordinating, and planning this. Bringing together stories from people around the world on their journey to marriage equality, Heart-Won will help share the personal tales LGBT people share across cultures and borders. Beyond that, it also seeks to be a talking point for those who do not fully understand or appreciate the struggle of LGBT and their fight for marriage equality.

Hopefully with time, and this book, this important journey and human right will come to pass as accepted around the world. Please be sure to join in support of Heart-Won: Global Journeys to Marriage Equality later this month on IndieGoGo.